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Anthony’s Archie Comics picks for June 2015

Updated on December 10, 2021

Here’s what’s of interest from Archie in June 2015. A full list of solicitations is available here.


  • The Shield #1, on sale June 17, $4
  • The Black Hood #5, on sale June 24, $4
  • The Fox #4, on sale July 8, $4
  • Archie #1, on sale July 8, $4
  • Betty and Veronica #276, on sale June 17, $4

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At long last comes the much discussed “Archie” reboot. Coming with an appalling number of variant covers (21?!), Archie’s obviously going all-out.

Meanwhile, it looks like “Betty and Veronica” is still being published. However, I wonder what the title’s future will be after the next issue finishes the exchange student storyline. A reboot like “Archie”? Cancelled outright? Given the low sales of the Riverdale-set floppy comics (and that it’s the only one left besides “Archie”), I can’t imagine “Betty and Veronica” going along as usual with no changes. Also, the title’s back to “Betty and Veronica,” with no dated “Archie’s Girls” prefix like in the covers for #275. Maybe it was just time to renew the trademark on the original title?

Sonic and Mega Man looks like it’s having a rather complicated looking crossover between universes. Just like Marvel’s “Secret Wars/Battleworld” and DC’s “Convergence,” I suppose.

“The Shield” is shipping its first issue this month, pushed back from April.

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