Another Google service shut down…this time, it’s Orkut

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Last updated on December 10th, 2021

Google announced today that it’s planning to shut down another service, though this time it’s one that’s not as popular as it should’ve been. Orkut, Google’s first stab at social networking, is the service in question:

Google kills Orkut to focus on YouTube, Blogger and Google+ (Engadget)

Orkut never really gained popularity in the US, but was popular in India and Brazil for some time.

I always wondered why Google opted to try to “reinvent the wheel” with creating Google+ instead of just trying to spruce up and promote better Orkut. Either way, I suppose it’s all moot now. Presumably, the service’s users will be shifted over to Google+, the social media service that (as far as we know) isn’t playing mind games with users, unlike a certain popular social network service…

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