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Updated on June 14, 2022

As you can see, I’ve once again decided it was time to give the website another refresh. The previous theme, while nice, hadn’t been updated in almost a year (since last August), and was also rather complex to manage. Thus, I’ve opted to revise the site with a more updated theme, as well as an easier-to-manage, simpler one. I also wanted to use a few ideas I’d gained from going to the Seattle WordCamp (an annual all-day seminar about WordPress) last weekend, which I enjoyed.

Among a few changes I’ve made:

  • The new theme’s named “Ridizain,” which is based on WordPress default’ “Twenty Fourteen” theme, but with some additional features built in. It also corrects some of Twenty Fourteen’s flaws, namely the lack of centering and the narrow width of the main content. It saved me from having to install a few extra plugins.
  • I’m giving the featured content feature a go, as you can see toward the top of the main page. Tying into such, I’m also trying to make actual use of featured images. It should make some of my posts (such as the weekly “minorities in cartoons” series) and the overall blog look nicer.
  • The blogroll and related links are on the left side of the page, which is the theme’s default. There’s a secondary right-side column available, but it ended up making things look a bit squished.

I’ve looked at the site in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, and it looks OK (save the little tag-shaped tags looking slightly “off” in Firefox).

If anyone has any comments about the changes, feel free to chime in.


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