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Last updated on June 11th, 2022

Copyblogger, a blog about online content, created the following infographic listing seven tips on writing and organizing strong online content. While it’s mostly taking a marketing standpoint, some of it can also apply to blogging.

Master These 7 Essential Elements for Winning Content [Infographic]

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I’ll discuss each of the infographic’s points below, as they apply to my own blog.


I try to come up with clear, decent, or clever headlines, while adhering to SEO standards. That said, my headlines often end up being long anyway. Years ago, I used to make more pun-related headlines, but stopped partially due to SEO concerns.

First sentence

The first sentence of my posts can sum up their premise, depending on how long the post is or what it’s about.


My longer posts will have an actual introduction. As for a “read more” tag, I have the main blog page set up to display excerpts, not the full post.


Years ago, I didn’t pay any attention to subheadings. Now, I do add such to all blog posts, as well as some older ones.

Main copy

I think this aspect of my blog is quite well covered. I’ve also made older posts a bit less long-winded or easier to read, by adding more line breaks, editing content, adding bullets, and improving spacing.


Depending on the post, I’ll add a brief or longer conclusion as necessary.

Call to action

I sometimes close posts by asking readers what they think about the topic. It hopefully prompts readers to leave a comment to the post.

I also prompt readers to ask if they want to sign up for my site’s newsletter, via a sign-up box in the sidebar. It’s a way to possibly turn visiting readers into ongoing readers, as they’ll receive all my new posts by email. It also avoids social media’s problems with algorithms throttling content.

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