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2011 on Anthony’s Notes: Website

Updated on December 10, 2021

The next category for the 2011 flashbacks is the website as a whole, not just the blog. Not much to report on here, however, as things have stayed reasonably static:

  • The site turned a year old in July. No real first anniversary stuff, but thanks again to Heather for suggesting the site’s name. As for why the URL’s “,” I suppose I could’ve went with “” (since it was also available), but the URL was based on an old Twitter name… that and A) the name still works (“Anthony notes <various topics>”) and B) “anthonysnotes” sounds a lot like “Craigslist” to me.
  • Despite knowing better, I finally conceded and signed up for a Facebook page for the site. At first, I just set up a fan page for the site, aiming for a token presence (and not sure what to use Facebook for). After Facebook started offering a subscribe feature for personal profiles, however, I opted to convert the fan page to a personal profile.

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