2011 C2E2: Saturday

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Last updated on June 14th, 2022

Today was the biggest and longest day for C2E2. As such, I kept quite busy through the day. While I did try to keep the Twitter feed updated on my doings, unfortunately my phone’s battery died/came close to dying twice today (and I wasn’t able to recharge it for hours). The downsides of a first-generation Palm Pre, I suppose. Anyway, here’s the details of what I did today:

  • Buy stuff. Yes, that’s a given for a comic show, but I did buy some items. Among others: “Archie Americana: The 80s, book 2”; a “Power Pack/X-Men” story (despite the odd-sounding nature of the crossover, the cover claimed it was fun/family friendly, and it was cheap); a pair of Boris and Natasha bobbleheads; and a few random other comics.
  • I also visited the artists’ alley, where I got to see lots of comic artwork, plus (after buying an artists’ plastic tube-with-a-strap-on-it to store and carry rolled-up posters in) bought a few prints, as well as having them autographed. Considering buying picture frames for these and a few of the posters I already have at home.
  • I got plenty of photographs as well, which I’ll be posting to Flickr (and link to on here) after getting home tomorrow. Lots of creative costumes this year!
  • Today was quite crowded, given it’s not a work day. Lots of people packed the floor. Wonder what attendance figures will be like…
  • I attended a few panels: Chris Hemsworth’s panel promoting his starring role in the “Thor” movie; a panel (with a very long line) for general Marvel news (named “Cup of Joe”, after Marvel head honcho Joe Quesada); and a memorial to the late Dwayne McDuffie’s life and career. The Thor panel was busy (and answered the usual movie-based-on-a-comic questions), but the Marvel panel was packed to the gills, with a *very* long line to get in (I missed the first 15-20 minutes of it as a result). The Marvel panel itself was, per Marvel’s way, irreverent in tone but somewhat informative. “Read ‘Fear Itself’,” the latest Marvel crossover, was given often/glibly as an answer, and the fans in attendance were more critical of Marvel’s decisions than the DC panel’s fans were. I even got to see a preview of the latest Spider-Man cartoon, “Ultimate Spider-Man.” Due out in 2012, it looks like it’ll involve Spidey somehow working with SHIELD (and the African-American version of Nick Fury all of Marvel’s non-comics productions have latched onto in recent years…). As for the McDuffie tribute, it was led by Mark Waid, and thoughtful. Unfortunately, it seemed a bit sparsely attended, though I suppose being at the end of the day might’ve been one factor; there were some coming into the tribute partway through.

Overall, I enjoyed my time at this year’s C2E2. Tomorrow morning, I’m heading back to Milwaukee (in lieu of going to only part of the last day of C2E2). While this year’s comic con seems like a success, not sure if I’ll be back for next year (if my current plan to relocate goes through).

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