Yahoo shutting down (update: make that “spinning off”)

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Last updated on December 10th, 2021

As reported on various spots online, it appears that Yahoo is planning to shut down, a bookmarking site I signed up with a few months ago.

This just seems like the latest in Yahoo’s problems in trying to stay competitive against the likes of Google or Facebook. While Flickr is certainly one of Yahoo’s strongest assets nowadays (I use Flickr for photos, and even pay for a Flickr Pro account), everything else about Yahoo’s service now seems overshadowed by Google, Facebook, etc. I still make use of Yahoo (dating back to my earliest days online in the mid-90s) for some services, mainly Yahoo IM, Flickr, a My Yahoo page with Reuters/AP links as a default homepage, Delicious, and Yahoo’s free streaming video of some hockey games.

On the off-chance something were to happen to Yahoo itself, I’d probably replace Yahoo IM and My Yahoo with Google Talk and iGoogle respectively. I’d survive without the free hockey games (or consider paying for NHL GameCenter). However, I’m not sure what would (or could) replace Flickr. Other online photo services (Picasa, Photobucket, etc.) seemed lacking in comparison to Flickr. Perhaps I’d just host photos somewhere here on Anthony’s Notes instead?

Update (12/20/10): Looks like Delicious might be spared after all, per reports of plans to spin it off on its own/sell it:

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