“The Looney Tunes Show” review: “Working Duck”

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Updated on December 10, 2021

Another week of “The Looney Tunes Show” brings us what looks like a prequel to “The Foghorn Leghorn Story,” as we learn *how* Daffy first met Foggy in this series.

Plot: After being fired from a security guard job, Bugs decides he’s “enabling” Daffy’s laziness, and forces him to find a new job… which somehow ends up with Daffy becoming a big (non-Acme) company’s CEO.

This episode was better than average, probably since Daffy seems somewhat less dumb than usual. The final act was also amusing, with Daffy cracking at having to actually make decisions as CEO.

Other amusing aspects:

  • Daffy’s imitation of Foghorn.
  • Pete Puma’s usual brand of stupidity.
  • Elmer Fudd showing up again. Hopefully he’ll appear in an entire story, though given guns seem to be banned in comedy cartoons nowadays/the series’ suburban sitcom setting, I’m guessing it won’t be as a hunter.

And since I won’t quit nitpicking this: they couldn’t have named Foggy’s company “Acme?”

The best parts, of course, were the two backup segments. This week’s “Merrie Melodies” song was “Pizzarriba,” with Speedy and several friends/relatives singing about how great his restaurant is… only for the song to get partially derailed by Speedy’s cousin (not Slowpoke Rodriguez here, but a different relation) doing a lousy job designing the restaurant’s website. I liked Speedy noting the ludicrousness of someone actually trying to run away from, well, *Speedy*.

Even funnier than this was the Road Runner short, “Another Bat Idea.” On the heels of Wile E. becoming Iron Man, this week sees the Coyote become Batman (via ordering a Batman costume from Acme). Cue a whole spate of things going wrong in trying to use Batman’s gadgets (including the hilarious bit involving Batman’s exploding Batarangs), plus some amusing Batman-related visual gags.


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