“The Looney Tunes Show” review: “French Fries”

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Last updated on December 10th, 2021

Episode #21 of “The Looney Tunes Show,” “French Fries,” aired Tuesday night. Since 26 episodes were produced for the first season, that leaves five episodes left, which should all be aired by next month (if they don’t hold any over).

The plot: Daffy and Porky have a rift form between each other when Daffy accuses Porky of eating his french fries. In a subplot, Yosemite Sam tries out for the chance at a million-dollar field-goal-kick prize at a football game, which gets Bugs involved.

Another mediocre episode. The main flaw is that seeing Daffy and Porky having an argument wasn’t very funny, given Daffy in this series is way too dumb. The two have been shown facing off against each other in some classic shorts, of course, but then again, those were, well, the classic shorts (emphasis on “classic”).

Best parts:

  • Speedy’s appearances, including more of his low opinion of “Pinky” (Porky).
  • The opening scene with more “Off-Duty Cop.” One nitpick: if it’s a 70s cop show, the Cop would’ve been drinking his coffee from a Thermos or a mug, not an anachronistic-looking modern-day Starbucks paper coffee cup.
  • The subplot with Bugs tricking Sam into taking him into the stadium (with the old “rabbit’s feet are lucky” bit), plus Sam making Bugs stay with him. Even despite the low amount of slapstick/Sam not *quite* as surly as usual (though he does wonder if he should’ve taken just Bugs’ foot…), this should’ve been the “A” plot.
  • Porky’s appearance at the end. Nice to get to see Porky (for once) upstage the other two of the “Big Three” Looney Tunes stars.

No Road Runner short this week. The “Merrie Melodie” song is Lola singing a Presidents’ Day song, with a warped celebrity-laden view of historical presidents. Ironically, this one song probably has more pop cultural references (a traditional Looney Tunes trademark) than the entire series to date has had…

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