“The Looney Tunes Show” review: “DMV”

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Updated on December 10, 2021

After last week’s better-than-usual episode, we get this week’s entry. Unfortunately, it’s one of the worst episodes yet in the series; the entire episode was predictable, boring, and, well, adhered to its sitcom trappings.

Plot: Daffy gets pulled over for not having a driver’s license, requiring him (and eventually Lola, Porky, and Bugs) to also go to the DMV for a license.

This episode reminds me of a line Slappy Squirrel said in an “Animaniacs” episode (after her nephew Skippy asks why they don’t just buy a bag of walnuts instead of trying to grab some from a walnut tree guarded by the episode’s villain): “We’ll have ’em in hysterics with *that* bit… six minutes in a check-out line! Oooh, somebody stop me, I’m laughin’!” Not that going to the DMV *can’t* be made funny (fellow Warner Bros. series “Pinky and the Brain” made it funny in its Halloween special, as did an episode of “Rocko’s Modern Life” plus several episodes of “The Simpsons”), but this episode, well, didn’t pull it off. I wouldn’t be surprised if an episode about Bugs and Daffy in a check-out line at the supermarket *did* come along…

The episode also seems to fuel my assumption that the show takes place somewhere in California (though obviously not in “Tiny Toon Adventures”‘s Acme Acres, or anywhere *named* “Acme”), as everything about it had a strong Golden State-centric vibe (particularly the highway police chase).

The one funny part of this episode was Speedy’s scene: he drives a (somehow street-legal) mouse-sized car, and later yells in Spanish at some deranged driver (Lola, in another subplot) that nearly ran him off the road. Then again, Speedy’s one of the show’s more amusing characters. Of course, one could nitpick that a mouse that can keep pace with the Flash wouldn’t *need* a car (as he could run to Antarctica and back in the time it’d take me to cross the street), but I’ll let it go…

As usual, the best part of the show was the Road Runner short. This week, the Coyote tries using a radio-controlled car (with a mechanical arm, and later a bomb) to catch the Road Runner. Hilarity (and cruel-but-funny backfires) ensue, of course.

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