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Updated on December 10, 2021

With David Letterman’s final talk show this week, I thought I’d list a few examples of favorite characters who’ve made appearances on (in-universe) talk shows of some sort.

Cleveland Brown

Cleveland created his own talk show on an episode of “The Cleveland Show.”


Jackie, Inez, and Matt all have appeared on a cyberspace talk show hosted by “Erica Ram” and “Sam VandeRom.”

The latter character’s voiced by real-life daytime TV show host Al Roker.

Kevin Keller

Kevin Keller once appeared along with the main Archie cast on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show. There, they faced off against the head of “12 Million Moms”… who Ellen reveals only has membership in the triple digits, tops.

Morgan Edge

Morgan Edge‘s Galaxy Communications was the owner of the “Daily Planet” during comics’ Bronze Age, and is once more in the New 52 reboot.

Edge’s Galaxy Broadcasting System (GBS) television network was the home of the popular late-night talk show “The Midnight Show.” The show starred Johnny Nevada, the Earth-1 version of Johnny Carson. Clark Kent made an appearance on the talk show in “Action Comics” #442 (December 1974).


Histeria!” parodied several talk shows, including David Letterman. The most prominent parody might be “Histeria!”‘s version of Abraham Lincoln. His voice/mannerisms are a parody of Johnny Carson.


Mark Slackmeyer has been the host of an NPR talk show in-universe since the strip’s mid-80s return from hiatus. Mark co-hosted the show with his conservative husband during their short-lived marriage.

Dave Stevens and Tina Ames

The Superman comics’ first recurring African-American characters made at least one appearance on Lois Lane’s short-lived public affairs TV program, “People USA.”

Linda Park

Linda for a time was one of the co-hosts of the daytime talk show “The Scene,” a parody of ABC’s “The View.” Among her cohosts included longtime Batman comic character Vicki Vale.

(Updated 11/25/16)


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