Tech thoughts: Streaming videos from my Linux laptop to my Xbox 360

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Updated on December 10, 2021

Xbox 360The last few posts on my new Xbox 360 have noted how hard a time I’ve had getting streaming videos from my laptop to the Xbox working. However, I’ve finally gotten it done.

The instructions on Ubuntu’s wiki show how to set up streaming from an Ubuntu-based laptop (or Xubuntu, in my case), using the command-line program ushare:

The main issue I had (which I suspect is why it didn’t work before) was finding the correct IP address for my Xbox, which online instructions were vague or erroneous about. To find the IP address, under the Xbox’s System Settings (accessed either via the center controller button or in the Dashboard), choose “Network Settings,” then select “Configure Network.” The Xbox’s connection information will be displayed under the “Basic Settings” tab, including the IP address. Write down the IP address number, and use that for the Xbox’s IP address in the wiki’s instructions.

Hmm, I might consider updating the wiki itself with this information (or to correct a few typos on the page)…


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