Tech thoughts: Netflix keeps DVDs, loses Qwikster branding

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Last updated on December 10th, 2021

Earlier this week, Netflix announced that it was reversing course on spinning off the DVD division of its business. Instead, DVDs will stay under the Netflix name, alongside the streaming video side of things that the company is betting its future on, despite the lackluster streaming selection. Along with this, they’re also ditching the proposed “Qwikster” branding for its DVD rentals.

Nice to see Netflix was willing to reverse course, even if to put a stop to the nonstop negative publicity this move generated. Not helping of course is this came on top of a recent price hike, which a lot of people were already upset about. And, of course, the name “Qwikster” was a pretty awful choice. Netflix didn’t even check to see if the Twitter username was available, as it was already taken by some pot smoker.

I wonder how many of those that canceled their accounts (fed up by all of Netflix’s actions) will be persuaded to return to Netflix. As I noted in a previous post, I’m still considering axing Netflix myself, in favor of some mix of Redbox/the public library. Still, Netflix’s home delivery does have appeal—not having to go to a kiosk or the library to return DVDs for one, especially during a typical Midwestern winter. And their DVD side does offer some more obscure options the library won’t have (smaller company films, etc.).

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