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Last updated on December 10th, 2021

Yes, the headline’s real. After *much* consideration, I’ve made the possibly-ill-considered move to finally sign up with Facebook… or rather, a Facebook fan page for my site. While I’ll continue to be on Twitter, Flickr and LinkedIn, I’ve figured it might not be worth continuing to snub the “granddaddy” of social networking sites. Much as I’m still wary of Facebook, its presence has gotten too big for me to ignore, and I figure the site (as well as my portfolio) could use the extra attention.

However, here will still be my primary home, of course, and the page is set up to (hopefully) direct things back this way. For anyone interested, here’s the page URL; I’ll change it to a nicer “vanity” one once 25 people “like” my page (per the setup instructions).

(Updated 10/22/18)

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