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Updated on December 10, 2021

Part of setting up my Android-based LG Optimus V is installing apps beyond the default ones included, some of them to replace the default apps. The phone’s included version of Twidroyd, for instance, needed updating, per Twitter’s recent changes for third-party clients.

Apps I’ve installed so far:

  • Angry Birds: yes, the popular game has snared me, too.
  • AP Mobile: the Associated Press’ app to access its various news stories.
  • Barcode Scanner: this app uses the phone’s camera to act as a barcode scanner, and can scan any UPC symbol to access pricing about the item from online. It also can detect QR codes for various purposes (installing apps, etc.).
  • CNN: similar to the AP Mobile app, this one gives CNN headlines.
  • Comics (by Comixology): Comixology’s app allows one to read digital comics bought on their site. Of course, per DRM, they’re tied to the app (making it a glorified rental system), and you can’t read your own CBR/CBZ files.
  • Dictionary: a dictionary app.
  • Engadget: an app for accessing Engadget‘s website, with a few extra features over the mobile version of the site.
  • Evernote: the popular “cloud”-based notetaking service.
  • gReader: an RSS reader app that can tie into Google Reader.
  • IMDb: an app for the Internet Movie Database website.
  • imo: an instant messaging app.
  • JuiceDefender: this app extends the phone’s battery life by shutting off unused battery-draining services (3G, etc.) when not in use. This app does seem to help extend the phone’s battery life. I can easily go a whole day at work without charging the phone, though it may be from being a much better made phone than my old Palm Pre.
  • Listen: an app for Google Listen, their podcast service that ties into Google Reader.
  • Lookout: a phone security app that scans any newly installed apps for malware, etc. It also has an online service that lets one set up features in case the phone’s stolen, but I haven’t gone that far…
  • Movies: Flixster’s app, which like the one on my old Pre, offers movie showtimes, rankings (via Rotten Tomatoes), etc.
  • NHL Gamecenter: news, game statistics, and photos (but no videos) for NHL hockey games.
  • NPR News: NPR’s various news stories, as well as streaming audio of NPR stations.
  • Pandora: the streaming music service.
  • Perfect Viewer: a comic book viewer that, unlike Comixology’s app above, works with CBR/CBZ files.
  • Seesmic: a Twitter app that feels well-done, and a simpler interface than Twidroyd.
  • Songbird: the third-party music player program (that killed off its Linux version) has an app available that’s more full-featured than the default Android music player.
  • The Weather Channel: weather forecasts and temperature (in Fahrenheit only).
  • TuneIn Radio: a streaming audio app for various radio stations around the world. I used it on my Pre to listen to NPR.
  • Winamp: an Android version of the long-time, popular Windows audio player.
  • Yelp: reviews and directions to various local attractions, useful for finding out about restaurants nearby.

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