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Updated on December 10, 2021

On the heels of last week‘s Android app review, here’s another one I’ve found useful, Tape-a-Talk.

Tape-a-Talk is an audio recorder app that, as the name suggests, records one’s speech. The controls are fairly simple—a button for recording, another for pausing, and a third one for stopping. There’s also a slider bar to access different parts of the recording.

I make use of the free version, which comes with ads/fewer features than the “pro” version (for around $5-$6).

The settings are also quite basic (at least in the free version), merely allowing one to choose whether to record as a .wav or as a less-useful .3gp file, plus some bitrate settings. One caveat: one has to specifically choose “exit” from the settings popup menu to quit Tape-a-Talk; hitting the “home” button to close the app doesn’t shut down the program.

I’ve been using Tape-a-Talk as a voice recorder for practicing my speaking skills, and it’s proven quite useful.

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