Microsoft to include Linux command line in Windows 10

Earlier this week, Microsoft released at its Build 2016 keynote some big news for developers. Microsoft will be adding the Bash shell to Windows 10. Not a hoax, dream, or a virtual machine, but a native version of the Linux command-line interface. The Bash shell is being created by Canonical (of Ubuntu fame), and will … Read more

My initial thoughts on Windows 10

Windows 10

Last Wednesday, Microsoft released Windows 10, the latest version of its operating system, which comes 20 years after the release of their first modern version of Windows, Windows 95. Meant to make up for the ill-fated nature of Windows 8, Windows 10 has dialed back the more radical, tablet-oriented changes Windows 8 implemented, while keeping some … Read more

Microsoft’s new browser is named “Microsoft Edge”


Today, Microsoft gave a developer’s press conference that made announcements on various upcoming features for Windows 10. One of the biggest news items is the replacement for Internet Explorer. Initially named “Project Spartan,” Microsoft’s revealed its newest browser’s name is “Microsoft Edge.” Edge will appear in Windows 10, and apparently features the usual modern browser … Read more

RIP Internet Explorer… well, sort of?

Internet Explorer

Microsoft’s announced that starting with Windows 10, it’s planning to downgrade Internet Explorer in favor of a newer, more modern browser it’s working on, so far code-named “Project Spartan.” However, IE isn’t quite fully dead. Microsoft plans to continue supporting Explorer for Windows 10, citing legacy business usage and applicatons tied to the old browser. … Read more