Microsoft’s new browser is named “Microsoft Edge”

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Updated on December 10, 2021

Today, Microsoft gave a developer’s press conference that made announcements on various upcoming features for Windows 10. One of the biggest news items is the replacement for Internet Explorer. Initially named “Project Spartan,” Microsoft’s revealed its newest browser’s name is “Microsoft Edge.”

Edge will appear in Windows 10, and apparently features the usual modern browser features: a lightweight design and layout; ties into Cortana (Windows Phone’s answer to Apple’s Siri/Google’s Google Now); and a rendering engine called “EdgeHTML.” TechCrunch has more on Edge, as well as some screenshots.

Similar to Internet Explorer, I assume Edge will be limited to Windows, versus cross-platform browsers like Firefox and Chrome. From its description so far, it sounds like an improvement over Explorer.

Among other features Microsoft announced includes Continuum, a feature that allows access to apps across Windows devices, including the Windows desktop itself.

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