Shearer to stay with “The Simpsons” after all

Dr. Hibbert

It turns out that Harry Shearer, the voice artist to a good chunk of the secondary cast on “The Simpsons,” is staying with the show after all, as reported today in “Variety” and elsewhere. Shearer, the voice of Dr. Hibbert, Mr. Burns, Smithers, and others, had announced plans to quit the show, citing a desire to … Read more

Harry Shearer leaves “The Simpsons”

Dr. Hibbert

Surprising news came Wednesday: after being on the show since its 1990 debut, “Simpsons” veteran voice actor Harry Shearer’s leaving the series. The news was made public in a pair of tweets from his Twitter account: from James L. Brooks’ lawyer: “show will go on, Harry will not be part of it, wish him the best.”. … Read more

Fox to end DVD and Blu-Ray releases of “The Simpsons”

Bart vs. Thanksgiving

Fox has reported they plan to halt production of any future DVD and Blu-Ray season box sets for the long-running TV show “The Simpsons.” Showrunner Al Jean cites the decline in the show’s DVD sales and rise of digital as the main reasons. While the rise of digital is convenient, it’s still plagued with some problems, … Read more

Fox to air a dramatic Archie series named “Riverdale”


News came out earlier today that Fox will be airing a dramatic live-action series based on Archie, named “Riverdale.” Details at the link below: Berlanti Set to Produce Archie Comics Drama “Riverdale” for Fox – Comic Book Resources. It sounds like it might be like the recently-ended series “Life With Archie,” set in the gang’s … Read more

Fox tried to buy Time Warner for $80 billion

Tiny Toon Adventures' Warners logos

Rupert Murdoch, owner of 21st Century Fox (the movie and TV divisions) and News Corp. (home of Fox News) has made an offer to Time Warner (which Time Warner’s rejected) to buy the entire company for $80 billion. Supposedly, he’s mainly interested in the home of Bugs Bunny, Superman, and CNN for HBO: Fox tried to buy … Read more

2014 Primetime Emmy Award nominees in animation

Mickey Mouse Disney Channel shorts

This year’s nominees for the primetime Emmy Awards have been announced. A full list (in PDF format) of the nominees is available here. The nominees on the animation side of things include: Outstanding Animated Program “Archer” “Bob’s Burgers” “Futurama” “South Park” “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” Outstanding Short-Format Animated Program “Adventure Time” “Mickey Mouse” “Phineas and Ferb” … Read more

Commissioner Gordon, Constantine to get their own live-action TV shows; Wonder Woman remains “tricky”

Comic book shop display

Warner Bros. has announced two DC-related TV shows coming to TV soon: “Gotham,” a show about Gotham City Commissioner James Gordon’s early days as a Gotham cop, dealing with various villains; and a TV series starring Constantine of “Hellblazer” fame. The former will air on Fox, while the latter will air on NBC. Obviously, Time-Warner … Read more