Walmart store

Walmart buys for $3 billion

In online commerce news, big box store giant Walmart is planning to buy the online retail startup for $3 billion. started last year as a would-be competitor to online giant Amazon. It featured a pricing model based on how much stuff one buys, as well as free two-day shipping.

Below is an infographic showing how much revenue various major US retailers brought in in 2015.

Apple Store

The six most valuable public companies in 2006 versus 2016

Much has changed in both technology and in the business world since 2006. A decade ago, the smartphone boom hadn’t started, Apple started its MacBook series of laptops (replacing the previous iBook and Powerbook lines), and social media was just taking off.

On the business side, the most valuable public companies in 2006 were mostly energy companies or banking. However, the next 10 years would see big changes for both sectors.