Minorities in cartoons: Superstretch and Microwoman

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Updated on December 10, 2021

This week’s minorities in cartoons entry is the superhero duo Superstretch and Microwoman. The duo appeared as a segment in the 1977 CBS series “Tarzan and the Super 7,” a Filmation animated series featuring Tarzan and various other characters.


Superstretch (real name: Chris Cross; no relation to the 90s hip-hop group) and Microwoman (real name: Kristy Cross) are a married superhero couple.

Their origin states the Crosses found a way to give themselves superpowers. (Chris is mentioned as being as a scientist at a university.) Superstretch had the ability to stretch or shape-shift his body, similar to Quality/DC Comics superhero Plastic Man. Microwoman meanwhile could shrink to a tiny size, similar to the Atom. Accompanying the two on their adventures was their pet dog, Trouble.

The heroic duo fought an assortment of criminals in their short-lived run. Their villains included their own evil counterparts from a “mirror” universe: “Superstarch,” who could turn his body to diamond; and “Magnawoman,” who could grow to giant size, similar to Apache Chief.

On TV/home video

Superstretch and Microwoman haven’t been seen anywhere, even on DVD, since their series’ original run. The reason might be DC Comics filing a lawsuit against Filmation.

The suit claimed Superstretch and Microwoman (and several other “Tarzan and the Super 7” characters) violated DC’s trademarks. Superstretch was accused of being a Plastic Man knockoff.

Voice actors

Ty Henderson voiced Superstretch.

Actress Kim Hamilton voiced Microwoman.

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