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Updated on December 10, 2021

This week’s entry is longtime Archie Comics character Nancy Woods. Nancy first appeared in “Pep” #309 (January 1976). According to Comics.org, Nancy was created by Joe Edwards and Dan DeCarlo.


Nancy is the longtime steady girlfriend of Chuck Clayton, himself introduced several years earlier. Unlike Nancy’s cohorts Betty and Veronica, Nancy usually doesn’t eye other boys (nor Chuck other girls). This makes Nancy and Chuck one of the few steady couples in the series. Their relationship in the traditional style comics (i.e., before Archie’s 2015 reboot) lacks the dysfunctional tone of Moose and Midge’s relationship (i.e., Moose’s violent temper/stupidity). However, Nancy does occasionally argue with Chuck about his paying more attention to his cartooning than their relationship.

Being a secondary character, Nancy rarely gets to star in solo stories. However, it’s shown she does have various interests, including cheerleading, art, and writing. She’s also often seen hanging out with Betty, Veronica, and/or Midge.

Nancy received some attention in the future-set “Life With Archie” series, where as an adult, Nancy and Chuck are married. Nancy finds work in running (with Chuck) a comic book shop. She also works as a writer for an “Earth-Archie” analog of Dark Horse Comics.

Another non-canonical series using Nancy is the mature readers-only “Afterlife With Archie.” There, she’s revealed to be secretly involved with Ginger Lopez.

Other media

Nancy’s appeared on the 2000s animated series “Archie’s Weird Mysteries,” her first media appearance outside of comics.

Image art by Jeff Shultz. (Archie Comics)

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