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Kevin Keller finally kisses on-camera, plus a slight poke at One Million Moms

Updated on December 10, 2021

Kevin Keller and DevonAs I noted in the Archie solicitations for last month, we’re finally going to get to see Kevin Keller kiss his boyfriend. And not just a kiss on the cheek, but an actual kiss on the lips. At least, that’s what the released advertising images indicate, as seen in this post.

Accompanying this is some publicity, including an Associated Press article about the upcoming story. One interesting tidbit is that there’s a scene with a woman protesting against Kevin and Devon kissing…meant to be a “playful poke” by Archie writer Dan Parent at the One Million Moms protesters campaigning against the adult Kevin’s wedding story.

Of course, I’ll assume that this “first kiss” won’t be the last for Mr. Keller, even if the second/third/etc. kisses don’t make headlines, just as Archie’s kisses don’t.

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