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It’s official: Comcast and Time Warner Cable aren’t merging

Updated on December 10, 2021

While there’d been discussion brewing for awhile, as of Friday, it was made official: Comcast and Time Warner Cable aren’t going through with their merger after all. The reason? Too much federal scrutiny into the whole deal. Specifically, the Justice Department and the FCC indicated they were already questioning the whole deal’s premise on competitive grounds.

This is good news for everyone, of course, as the only people who’d benefit from a merged Comcast and Time Warner Cable are those companies’ stockholders. Of course, this won’t stopping either company from trying to expand their reach in other ways. Engadget reports that Charter, the nation’s fourth-largest cable TV company, plans to try to submit a bid for Time Warner Cable again; they tried back in 2013, but it was rejected by TWC shareholders. Meanwhile, Comcast now focus its efforts on fighting the FCC over net neutrality, another situation that benefits no one but Comcast’s stockholders if they win.

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