HBO's cord cutter-friendly streaming service coming in April

HBO’s much discussed standalone streaming service will be named “HBO Now.” Distinct from the HBO Go app (which requires a cable subscription and subscription to HBO), HBO Now will be available to anyone, whether they have cable or not. The service is set to debut in April, and will cost $15 a month, about what it’d cost to buy HBO with cable. More details are available from Engadget:

HBO’s standalone streaming service reportedly costs $15 per month.

This will be good news for fans of HBO shows like “Game of Thrones” and “Looking” who don’t want to pay for cable, or wait what could be months for a home video release. Nickelodeon and Sling TV have announced similar services, though it’ll be up to customers whether a combination of a la carte services will be cheaper or worth any hassles versus sticking with cable.

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