GoComics app now available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone devices

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Updated on December 10, 2021

GoComics app
The GoComics app, on Android. (Screenshot by author)

As reported by Engadget, Universal Uclick’s released a comics viewing app for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone based devices. Universal Uclick is a national syndicate formed by a merger a few years ago of online site Uclick and traditional newspaper comic strip syndicate Universal Press Syndicate. While Universal’s comics have been available for years for viewing through their website, one can now view them through this app, as well. Strips I enjoy reading via Uclick include “FoxTrot,” “Doonesbury,” “Luann,” “Baldo,” “La Cucaracha,” and “Pearls Before Swine.” Other classic strips carried as reruns include “Peanuts,” “For Better or For Worse,” and “Calvin and Hobbes.”

My brief look at the app (on my Nexus 7 tablet) shows it seems nice enough, with the same functionality as the website: the ability to forward to others links to favorite strips, as well as bookmark favorites. Unfortunately (as of this writing), the app wouldn’t let me log in to my Uclick account. However, the Google Play store description has a response stating they plan to fix this in an update very soon.

Since I usually read newspaper comics on my desktop each morning, I probably won’t make heavy use of this app. However, it might be useful for trips away from home, when I’ll be more reliant on my tablet, and don’t feel like firing up my laptop. Of course, I’d still have to read the non-Uclick strips I enjoy (“Mutts,” “Edge City,” etc.) via other means.

Photo by Alejandro Pinto (Flickr / CC BY)

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