Comic review: Super Hero Squad #11

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Last updated on February 26th, 2023

Super Hero Squad #11

Written by: Todd Dezago (both stories)
Art by: Leonel Castellani (first story), Marcelo Dichiara (second story)

The first story in this issue starts off with the Squadettes—the She-Hulk, Wasp, and Tigra—rounding up a couple of criminals, only to find that the local media’s more interested in their counterparts, the Super Hero Squad. However, circumstances (an alien invasion plus the Super Hero Squad unavailable) require the women to intervene.

This was a fun story, with the “Squadettes” shown handling and repelling the alien invaders competently and alone. Without spoiling anything (since the previews for this issue already did that), the story also gives a long-overdue adjustment to the Squad’s membership by promoting She-Hulk, Tigra and the Wasp to being full members. One criticism of the series by some has been the lack of female heroes featured, with the Squad being an all-male outfit (save Ms. Marvel as a SHIELD liasion). This change, however, puts the comic on a separate track from the TV show, whose second season added *one* female Squad member, the Scarlet Witch (replacing Silver Surfer). Hopefully the comic really won’t be canceled (as I’ve not seen any solicitations for it past next month’s issue).

The second story, a Western parody casting everyone as characters in a Western-style story, wasn’t as entertaining as the first one, though I assume Western fans might be amused.

Best line: the Wasp, upon finding the aliens’ engine room, notes “Sure glad those [alien] toads decided to write [the room’s sign] in English!”

Next month: a Christmas themed issue.

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