Comic review: Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #7

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Last updated on February 26th, 2023

Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #7Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #7

Written by: Paul Tobin
Art by: Jacopo Camagni and Ronan Cliquet

This issue sees that Peter’s injuries from the past several issues have apparently healed, as is demonstrated when he tests out his abilities in a game of super-powered “tag” with Kitty Pryde and…Wolverine? We then move onto the other plot points of the comic—a mob boss’ hatred of Spider-Man, a mutant rights rally, and mutants Kitty and Chat discussing, among other things, being “out” as a mutant.

Nothing earth-shaking, but a fun issue. High points of this issue: the game of tag itself (and everyone, including Wolverine, surprised to learn that “pigeons play games”); the reason for the thugs showing up at the rally; and the pros and cons of whether to “come out” as a mutant. The latter obviously plays up to the similarities to being openly gay and coming out, complete with concerns about how others will treat you when you do come out. Of course, for decades the X-Men have been used for allegories to racism (in the earlier days) and homophobia (in more recent years, in spite of how Marvel’s treated some of its openly-gay superheroes—Freedom Ring for one).

The artwork in this issue looks nice. The way the squirrels’ eyes are drawn look a little cartoonish, but it works here, with the squirrels looking endearing (and reminding me of Marvel’s heroine, Squirrel Girl).

Next issue: a plot point about Chat’s sister.

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