Comic review: Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #11

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Updated on February 26, 2023

Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #11

Written by: Paul Tobin
Art by: Rob Di Salvo

In this issue, occasional Spidey the Lizard (a scientist friend of Peter Parker’s who occasionally mutates into a monstrous lizard-man) is on the loose in a Florida swamp, prompting a visiting Peter and Chat to investigate. Meanwhile, the locals aren’t thrilled by a six-foot (two meter) tall lizard-creature running amok.

This issue was not only entertaining, but one of the more amusing issues I’ve read of this title (maybe to make up for the preview cover for the next issue, which looks more serious). My favorite parts:

  • Peter being reminded this isn’t New York (after expecting a house to have a basement).
  • How Peter even got permission from Aunt May to go on the trip in the first place (the two teens are visiting/staying with an adult cousin of Chat’s).
  • How easily paranoia can spread is touched on (as Spidey should know per his hot-and-cold reputation in New York).
  • Peter/Spidey pointing out that the Lizard’s “reign of terror” (as the locals demanding “justice” called it) wasn’t much of one, given the Lizard didn’t do much beyond smash a few fences/old buildings and (as Spidey put it) “lurk around in the swamp.”
  • Insect jokes.
  • An airport security joke. (Wonder what TSA would make of Spidey’s web-fluid, though…).
  • The fights with the Lizard himself.

There’s also a backup story, the same Thor story that appears in the last issue of Marvel Adventures Super Heroes.


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