Comic review: Love and Capes: Ever After #2

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Updated on February 26, 2023

Love and Capes: Ever After #2

Written by: Thom Zahler
Art by: Thom Zahler

The second issue of the five-part miniseries focuses on the happy couple (Mark and Abby) and their parents, as the two sets of parents pay their respective offspring a simultaneous visit. Mark and Abby also ponder whether (and how) to tell Abby’s parents about his alter-ego. All this, plus fun with temporal hijinks!

Another fun issue. Favorite parts: the cover (reminiscent of a Silver Age Lois Lane or Flash cover); the “grim visage” bit; the time hijinks (from the ages mentioned, I gather Mark’s around 30-32?); and, of course, the “reveal” aspects.

Mark’s fellow hero, Windstar, makes another appearance. I wonder if he’s supposed to be an analogue of Booster Gold (minus the Daffy Duck-sized ego)? Also of note: apparently on “Earth-Love and Capes,” LeBron James never left Cleveland for Miami, judging from the opening artwork…

I bought this issue at C2E2, and was pleased to get to meet Mr. Zahler, who autographed the copy for me. (There’s also available a variant cover version that I didn’t see/buy…).


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