Comic review: “Love and Capes: Ever After” #1 (of 5)

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Updated on December 10, 2021

Love and Capes: Ever After #1 (of 5)

Love and Capes: Ever After #1
Art by Thom Zahler.

Written by: Thom Zahler
Art by: Thom Zahler

Picking up from where the original “Love and Capes” series left off is this five-issue miniseries, focusing on newlywed couple (and series stars) Mark and Abby.

This particular issue focuses on two subplots: the couple going apartment-hunting and their first dinner with new couple Darkblade and Amazonia (the comic’s Batman and Wonder Woman pastiches).

I enjoyed seeing this issue reveal more about Darkblade’s background, including some details that set him apart from his inspiration (such as being a legacy hero within their universe). The tour of stately, erm, LaCroix manor was also fun (I take it Paul isn’t a Pistons fan!). Also nice to see Amazonia trying to grow as a person, though I suppose she’ll always be “Veronica” to Abby’s “Betty.” (Hmm, “Abby and Amazonia Double Digest”? Nah…)

As for the apartment hunting, there’s *one* creative use for x-ray vision, albeit a gross one. On a related note, given the propensity of cameras these days (and that they’re *everywhere*, including in my smartphone), I’d imagine being a city-dwelling superhero in the 2010s is much more difficult privacy-wise, even with super-speed.

I look forward to reading the next issue, and seeing if we’ll get to see what’s hinted at early in this issue.

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