Chrome now holds the top web browser share

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Updated on March 21, 2023

For some time, Chrome has become a favorite web browser among many online users. But now it’s officially the most popular browser, according to statistics by online traffic data firm NetMarketShare. As of April 2016, Chrome has eclipsed longtime champ Internet Explorer to become the most widely used web browser. Chrome now has 41.71% of browser share, followed by IE with 41.33%.

The IE share includes Microsoft’s newest browser, Edge. The browser share numbers also mesh with those from another online browser tracking service, StatCounter.

The web browsers I use are a mix:


Chrome is my default browser choice these days. I use it on my Chromebook, work computer, and my Xubuntu Linux laptop (for the Netflix support). The browser works well, and has excellent support for various plugins, without which I’d find my online experience much poorer.


I keep Firefox around as an alternate browser, usually as a spare browser for a few one-off uses: the extremely rare site that (for whatever odd reason) might have problems with Chrome; testing how my site might look in Firefox; and so forth.

That’s on the desktop, however. On my smartphone, it’s become my default browser these days, since unlike Chrome on Android, I can install an ad blocker on the Android version of Firefox. Along with the same reasons I have an ad blocker on my desktop browsers, my smartphone data’s too valuable to use up on auto-playing video. One site I used to visit had auto-playing video for some ads.

Internet Explorer

My work computer running Windows 7 has Internet Explorer. I use it for a few work-related tasks, as well as a backup browser.


Chromium is the open source based browser from which Google Chrome is derived. It shares much of the same functionality as Chrome, but lacks the proprietary aspects. I have it installed as an alternate browser on my Xubuntu Linux laptop.

What browser(s) do you use?

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