Cartoon Network’s “Clarence” to feature (sort of) same-sex kiss

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Last updated on December 10th, 2021

While there are still very few openly LGBT supporting characters on American children’s TV, some progress has been made in recent years. Disney Channel’s now-canceled “Good Luck Charlie” featured a pair of lesbian parents in its next-to-final episode. And now, we have news of a (sort of) same-sex kiss between a pair of non-recurring characters on Cartoon Network’s “Clarence,” as noted by gay media oriented blog Towelroad:

Cartoon Network Features Gay Kiss In Kids’ Cartoon: VIDEO| Gay News | Towleroad

Again, “sort of”… apparently an actual kiss on the lips was vetoed by CN’s execs. Still, I suppose it’s a sign of progress, however incremental.

Here’s the full video:

(Updated 7/11/16)

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