Blog revision updates (December 2017)

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Last updated on March 19th, 2023

It’s time once again to inform my blog’s readers of the latest updates to it since, well, the last update (back in October).

Rearranged the Comics subcategories

I’ve reorganized the Comics category’s subcategories. The old designations were by publisher: DC Comics, Marvel, Independent, and Comics News/Trivia. Instead, I’ve opted to create new subcategories: Comics News, Comics Trivia, Comics Tips and Recommendations, and Upcoming Comics. To wit:

  • I’ve split the old Comics News/Trivia subcategory into two separate ones, Comics News and Comics Trivia. The former is for my posts on comics-related news and announcements. The latter covers the trivia related ones (such as my post on vegetarian cartoon characters) or opinion related posts (such as my one about why the single-issue comic format is flawed).
  • Comics Tips and Recommendations (or Comics Tips for short) covers the various tips, review, and recommendations posts I’ve written.
  • I’ve “promoted” Upcoming Comics, my monthly series of posts about upcoming comic solicitations, from a tag to a subcategory.

The above subcategories should organize the actual comics topics much better than before, and make the comics-related posts’ topics clearer. It also didn’t make much sense that DC and Marvel merited subcategories, while other publishers (Archie, Boom! Studios, IDW, etc.) were limited to tags.

Social media adjustments

I’ve also decided to pare back a bit on the social networks I use, namely Pinterest. I didn’t use it much beyond posting new blog posts to it, and I get minimal traffic from Pinterest anyway. It’s also less work to just stick with posting to Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

Related to this is advertising my site’s email subscription option (via WordPress’ Jetpack plugin) more prominently. I’ve put an email subscription box at the end of each blog post. See my post on the relevance of email and RSS, especially with sites like Facebook emphasizing algorithms over organic, real-time post visibility.

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