Archie banned in Singapore over gay marriage storyline

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One Million Moms isn’t the only entity whose ire Archie has raised with the storyline where the adult Kevin Keller gets married. It looks like they’ve also ticked off the country of Singapore, or at least its censors, per this Comics Alliance article:

Singapore Bans Archie’s Kevin Keller Gay Marriage Comic.

I’m pretty sure they felt the story fell under “deviant sexual practices” and “alternative lifestyles,” per the article’s listing of their censorship board’s rules.

Singapore’s been recently debating censorship of media, one of the various aspects of the strictly conservative country where homosexuality is illegal. The Simpsons episode “Bart vs. Australia” was a parody of the then-current news story about Singapore’s “caning” of an American teenaged vandal. Recently, Singapore’s libraries (under pressure from an anti-gay group) have recently removed and destroyed several children’s books that were thought to “promote” homosexuality, though said removal did meet with some protests.

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