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Last updated on December 10th, 2021

Twee screenshotContinuing the series on my favorite WebOS apps, I’ll discuss another app I use on a daily basis: Twee, a Twitter client.

Twee performs all the standard Twitter functionality one would expect from an app:

  • Display your general timeline of tweets, as well as ones for direct responses or username mentions
  • Retweet/reply support
  • Upload pictures (and also video, according to Twee’s website)
  • Display trending topics and trending URLs
  • Search Twitter by keyword for tweets
  • A choice of light and dark colored themes
  • Notifications for WebOS

Twee also supports multiple Twitter accounts, and offers an easy way to switch between them. (Go to Twee menu > Switch Accounts)

Twee costs $2.99. There was once a “light,” free version named “Twee Free,” however, as of August 31 it was discontinued due to the recent authorization changes made to Twitter. The Palm App Catalog does offer some other free Twitter clients, however.

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