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Updated on December 10, 2021

As a Palm Pre user for almost a year, I’ve come to enjoy owning my first smartphone. My Pre, running Palm’s WebOS operating system, has greatly improved my life, allowing me to stay connected to the Internet during daytime hours (my employer blocks most Internet access, save email and a few government websites). I also appreciate the various apps that’re available through the Palm App Catalog, even if the iOS and Android app stores easily dwarf Palm’s App Catalog. At last count, a bit over 3000 apps are available through the App Catalog. There’s also more apps available through various “homebrew” apps not a part of the official catalog.

WebOS itself is also quite slickly designed, and very user-friendly, thanks to its “card” metaphor interface. WebOS also has other features such as multitasking. In comparison, iOS feels a bit long in the tooth, while Android, though it also has plenty of good points, doesn’t feel as polished as WebOS yet.

I thought I’d start a series of posts about different WebOS apps that I enjoy using. The first app I’ll cover is Scoop, an RSS newsfeed reader. Available for 99 cents in the App Catalog, Scoop relies on synchronizing with Google Reader for its feeds. Features of Scoop include:

  • Viewing the original article on its website
  • Marking articles as favorites
  • Sharing articles
  • Marking articles as read or unread
  • Grouping/viewing articles as folders
  • Sending articles to others via a link in an email or text message/instant message.

Here are a few photos of Scoop in typical use:

Picture of Scoop #1Picture of Scoop #2Picture of Scoop #3

While Scoop is very basic, it works quite well for me, and thus is one of the apps I use daily on my Palm Pre. In future editions, I’d like to see Scoop add the ability to send an article link via Twitter.

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