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Anthony’s picks for Marvel for September 2011

Updated on December 10, 2021

Here’s my picks for Marvel for September 2011:

Comics I’ll be buying

  • Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #17, $3
  • Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #18, $3

Comics I might buy



Lots of Captain America and “Fear Itself” aftermath this month, though I suppose September’s superhero reader attention will mainly be on DC’s reboot.

Spider-Man’s description sounds particularly fun—the Green Goblin gets a hold of a ludicrous-sounding weapon (an “anti-matter pumpkin bomb”?) by an “ordering mistake?” Heh…

“Super Heroes” is a reprint of an older Marvel Adventures Iron Man story. Wonder why this title’s been mostly reprints lately, unlike the Spider-Man title. Maybe a bit of revamping of this title’s in order…

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