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Anthony’s picks for Marvel Comics for June 2011

Here’s my choices for what Marvel’s putting out for June 2011:


Comics I’ll be buying:

  • Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #15, $3
  • Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #15, $3

Comics I might buy:

  • Human Torch & Hulk: From the Marvel Vault #1, $4
  • Hulk-Sized Mini-Hulks #1, $3


Lots of Thor and Captain America this month, per the two heroes’ movies being out this summer. “Super Heroes” features Cap, among others.

Meanwhile, “Spider-Man” features Spidey at the UN fighting some plot by Dr. Doom. Should be an interesting match-up.

“Hulk-Sized Mini-Hulks” is some compilation of backup humorous comic strips about the Hulk. Seems amusing looking, so might give it a go (even if I prefer the original green Hulk). Same goes for the Human Torch/Hulk story, which I’m guessing is just some old inventory story they’d been sitting on for years.

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