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Anthony’s picks for Archie for February 2012

Here’s whats of interest for Archie for February 2012. Availability dates below are only for comic shops:

Comics I’ll be buying

  • Betty and Veronica #258, on sale Feb. 15, $3
  • Life With Archie #17, on sale Feb. 15, $4

Comics I might buy



Oddly, there weren’t any covers included with the solicits. Hence the filler cover with this article is from January’ “Life With Archie” #16, Kevin Keller’s wedding.

Also odd that there weren’t any newsstand availability dates included with the solicitations, since unlike DC and Marvel, newsstands make up a big portion of Archie’s sales. Still, the newsstand copies are usually available a few weeks after the comic shop releases.

This month concludes the Archie-meets-KISS storyline. I assume Sabrina’s also appearing as usual (in reprints) in the “Betty and Veronica” digests.

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