Anthony’s picks for Archie Comics for November 2010

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Updated on December 10, 2021

Here’s what’s of interest to me from Archie for November 2010 (Dates are listed by comic shops/newsstands availability).

What I’ll be buying

  • Archie & Friends #149, on sale Nov. 10/Nov. 23, $3
  • Betty #189, on sale Dec. 1/Dec. 14, $3
  • Betty and Veronica Double Digest #186, on sale Nov. 24/Dec. 7, $4
  • Life With Archie #5 (Jan. 2011), on sale Dec. 1/Dec. 14, $4
  • World of Archie Double Digest #2, on sale Nov. 17/Nov. 30, $4

What I might consider buying

  • Jughead #204, on sale Nov. 24/Dec. 7, $3


This month features the bulk of their holiday-themed stories.

The first non-holiday issue of “World of Archie Double Digest” shows off what it’ll apparently feature, stories centering around Archie’s friends. Not sure how it differs from “Archie and Friends Double Digest” in that regard. My only guess is there’ll be more non-Archie-centric backup features in “World”, judging from reprints of the 60s series “Archie’s Mad House” as the cover-advertised backup feature.

Looks like “Betty and Veronica”‘s two double digests differ in that the new “Friends” version features an extended storyline with Cheryl Blossom. (Not sure she’d count as a “friend” of theirs, but…). Meanwhile the regular double digest will feature a backup story with Sabrina (the reason it’s on my list).

“Archie and Friends” and “Betty” are parts 4 and 5 of the “New Kids” storyline.


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