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Updated on June 14, 2022

After one and a half years of existence, I’m pleased with the progress of Anthony’s Notes so far. Between my portfolio page and the posts on the site so far (including incorporating my former Blogger/ “Anthony’s Annotations” blog), I’m glad to have my own spot on the web (and all of you reading the blog!).

Things seem to be going so well that I’m starting to hit the bandwidth limit for my site (after coming dangerously close for some months now), as those of you who tried to access it on Leap Day discovered. After looking at what it’d cost to upgrade with my current host, I’ve decided I’d be better off moving to a new web host, nice as Fused has been. Thus, I’m now researching possible host candidates. (That last sentence sounds like the plot of some sci-fi movie!) So far, the most interesting ones include:

  • A Small Orange: another smaller web host liked Fused, but they come with strong customer support and seem well recommended online, with the fewest complaints I’ve seen. Other hosts seem to offer more account space/bandwidth, however.
  • Media Temple: a large web host, they offer a large package of account space and bandwidth. It is a large host, however, so customer service/support might not be as strong as smaller ones.
  • Linode: this VPS (virtual private server) provider came highly recommended by some others online, and would provide the advantages of my own server (versus shared hosting options like A Small Orange/Media Temple/my current host). However, it’d involve much more work to manage, and not sure if that’d be worthwhile.

All of the above are about the same price, so it’s features and quality of service I’m mainly considering. All of the options are Linux and WordPress friendly.

If anyone has any other suggestions, I’ll be glad to hear them!



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