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Anthony’s Marvel picks for March 2013

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #21Here’s what comics of interest are coming out from Marvel for March 2013. Full solicitations are available here.


  • Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #21, $4

Trade Paperbacks



“Marvel NOW” continues, as does a wave of trade paperbacks featuring the new revamped line. With the first round of renumbered “Fantastic Four” issues being collected as of this month, I’ve thought about trying trying it out. If anything, at least I’ll get to see what the Thing’s up to these days. (Though wonder what “Ms. Thing” is about…).

Speaking of new-to-me characters, I wonder what Marvel’s new Captain Marvel is like… or how it compares to the “real” Captain Marvel appearing in the “New 52” reboot at DC. Given what I saw of the “New 52” “Shazam” (as Billy’s alter-ego is now called) looks utterly awful (like the “New 52” as a whole), Marvel’s Captain Marvel can’t possibly be worse… unless she acts like a fanfic character based on bad 90s superhero comics, too.

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