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Anthony’s Marvel picks for April 2013

Updated on December 10, 2021

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #22Here’s what’s of interest from Marvel for April 2013.


  • Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #22, $4

Trade paperbacks

  • Spider-Man: Danger Zone (TPB), $20
  • Spider-Men (TPB), $20
  • Ultimate Comics Spider-Man, volume 3 (TPB), $20


This month sees mass quantities of whatever the heck “Age of Ultron” is about. In case anyone forgot who Ultron is like I did, here’s his Wikipedia entry. Very long story short, “evil robot.”

Meanwhile, last year’s “Spider-Men” five-part crossover between Peter Parker and Miles Morales is being collected. Not read it (since I was already paying twice a month for “Amazing”), so I’ll be looking forward to the trade paperback.


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