Anthony’s Archie Comics picks for April 2013

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Updated on December 10, 2021

Betty and Veronica #265Semi-alliterative subject line aside, it’s time to see what Archie has coming out for April 2013.


  • Archie Double Digest #239, on sale May 1, $4
  • Betty and Veronica #265, on sale Apr. 17, $3
  • Life With Archie #29, on sale May 8, $4
  • New Crusaders: Dark Tomorrow #1, on sale May 1, $3

Trade paperbacks

  • Sabrina the Teenage Witch: The Magic Within, vol. 2, on sale May 15, $11


A lot of variant covers (for Archie) for this month, but I must admit they’re nice looking variant covers.

They’re rebooting “New Crusaders” with a new #1, when the title’s barely a year old? I guess it’ll sell/grab attention like all first issues do, but it seems that Archie’s taking a lot of cues from how Marvel and DC do things. The Sonic and Mega Man books crossing over might also be indication of such.

Looks like Archie plans on collecting the remainder of the manga run of “Sabrina” after all, which is good news. Of course, she has a cartoon coming out later this year, so they needed something centered around Ms. Spellman to offer…

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