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Android app review: Speedtest.net

Updated on December 10, 2021

A new app I’ve been using lately is SpeedTest.net. Based on and tied into the popular website of the same name, Speedtest.net is an app that lets you test your smartphone’s data connection speed. The app comes in versions for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

As its Google Play page description notes, Speedtest.net lets one test the server ping, upload, and download speeds. The settings allow one to choose whether to display speeds in kbps, mbps, or kb/s. There’s also an option to choose which server to test with based on the distance away. (Distances are measured in kilometers only.) Another feature is the ability to store a record of past test results, as well as export them in .CSV format.

I find Speedtest.net useful for situations such as my workplace, where my smartphone’s data speed often comes to a crawl, and I’d like to know by just how much of a crawl.

(Updated 10/5/16)

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