A new theme for the blog (Twenty Sixteen)

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Last updated on June 14th, 2022

As you can see, I’ve made another update to the blog. After a year with the GeneratePress theme, I’ve decided to swap it out for a different theme. While GeneratePress was fine, I thought a different look might be nice. I also wanted a theme that wasn’t a premium-based one, though GeneratePress’ creators are pretty open to offering tech support on their forums.

After a lot of indecision on what theme to go with, and having issues with a few themes, I’ve opted for the latest default WordPress theme, Twenty Sixteen. It’s mostly similar to Twenty Twelve from a few years ago, with some updates. It compares pretty well to last year’s Twenty Fifteen theme, and is much better than the Twenty Fourteen theme. (The theme I had awhile ago was somewhat similar to Twenty Fourteen.) While some dislike going with the default WordPress theme, it does offer a lot of room for customization on one’s own. I also wanted something simple anyway, so figure may as well give customizing the default theme a go. At least the default theme doesn’t try to install multiple menus, features, etc. I’ll never use in WordPress’ administration sidebar.

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