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Univision to buy The Onion

The US’ leading Spanish language TV network, Univision, is buying the satirical website The Onion. Specifically, they’re buying a controlling 40% stake in the humor site, as well as gaining the rights to fully buy the publication.

While Univision has fairly strong ratings (they even beat the major English language networks in the ratings in 2014), they’re also concerned about expanding their media presence into English language areas. While Univision has a loyal viewership, it’s also an aging audience; younger Latinos born in the US tend to prefer English language media. As such, Univision’s expanded its reach into other areas. They also recently bought The Root, a site aimed at African-Americans. Univision also co-owns (along with Disney) Fusion, a cable TV network.

As for The Onion, they’ve also seen changes over the years, including dropping their print edition in 2013. They’re currently based out of Chicago. I wouldn’t expect any radical changes from The Onion’s new owners. It’s already a fairly successful and established humor site, though there are plenty of rivals.

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