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Updated on December 10, 2021

Mr. Hublot
“Mr. Hublot.”

Another Academy Awards ceremony has come and gone…and with it, another batch of winners.

As highly expected, “Frozen” won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature. Meanwhile, the Best Animated Short winner is “Mr. Hublot.” Apparently “Hublot” was deemed a surprise win, at least according to Cartoon Brew.

Meanwhile, “Frozen”‘s signature song “Let It Go” also won for Best Original Song.

As for the ceremony itself, Ellen DeGeneres did a vastly better job than last year’s Seth MacFarlane… of course, a pet rock could’ve done a better job than Seth MacFarlane (no slight intended against Ellen). Hopefully the Oscars folks have learned their lesson on who the cast for hosting duties.

The ceremony had a “heroes” theme, which was shown through the use of various time-filling montages, both live-action and animated. The animated montage of heroes saw a lot of Disney/Pixar clips, as well as clips of the Pink Panther and Shrek. Bizarrely missing: Warner Bros.’ characters—no Looney Tunes, Superman (the theatrical Fleischer shorts) or Batman (“Mask of the Phantasm” was released theatrically). I suspect the award show airing on ABC (which is owned by Disney) and/or rights issues might have something to do with the lack of Bugs Bunny, at a minimum. Meanwhile, the live-action heroes montage saw a lot of footage (plus a voiceover) from “Man of Steel,” but no Christopher Reeve Superman. A disappointing choice, especially given the mixed reviews/reception for “Man of Steel.” That said, it’s interesting that Superman got much more screentime than Batman (just a clip from one of the Nolan films?).

A full list of the Oscar winners is available here.

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