“Teen Titans Go!” review: “Dude Relax” / “Laundry Day”

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Last updated on December 10th, 2021

Another episode of “Teen Titans Go!” is here…and another bunch of SPOILERS ahead.

“Dude Relax”

Plot: The team gets annoyed at Robin’s antsy behavior due to a lack of crime and his constant vigilance, and force Robin to learn to relax.

The funniest part was Beast Boy revealing he sometimes paints animals green to avoid going on missions. Guess it keeps with last week’s episode in showing Beast Boy’s not above using doppelgangers to get out of work.

Affirmation that this version of Robin’s Dick Grayson comes with a flashback to Dick’s days in the circus as a young child. The pre-Crisis Jason Todd was also a circus performer who was orphaned, but A) not a version anyone seems to use in favor of his more annoying post-Crisis characterization (that led to him being killed off), and B) he’s not well known as a Robin to the general public.

That monster the Titans are fighting looks a lot like the kind that usually appeared on “The PowerPuff Girls” or “Dexter’s Laboratory”…

“Laundry Day”

Plot: The team fights over who should do laundry, despite being Robin’s turn; meanwhile, Robin deals with being caught outdoors uniform-less and nude.

This one was pretty amusing (a “grossout” gag with Beast Boy and nose mucus aside), particularly the parts with Robin dealing with being outdoors nude.

Gizmo from the previous Titans series puts in an appearance here.

Not surprised to see Beast Boy not mind being nude as much as the others…something he’d probably be used to from the constant animal shape-shifting. Also seen here is Beast Boy’s interest in tofu, as he’s chowing down on the stuff en masse.

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